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Stress Relief - Amazingly Simple Stress Reduction Is Critical To Your Life

Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
Relieving your stress is critical if you'd like to be around to dance at your child's wedding... if you'd like to feel healthier... if you'd like to enjoy a happier retirement. Stress impacts your health and can shorten your life. Stress relief can be done using simple techniques. And those simple techniques can be critical to your life. Keep reading to see some of these techniques.
Deep breathing reduces your stress. By intentionally inhaling and exhaling, you increase oxygen levels in your brain and body. Balanced oxygen amounts provide for your body's critical and daily needs. When you allow adequate oxygen into your body, at a deep cellular level, your cells function better. Increased oxygen makes everything in your body work better.
Drinking adequate amounts of water helps your body feel good, too. When you flush out the toxins you've been taking in, you notice that you can think more clearly. We take in toxins by breathing, by the processed foods we eat and through our toxic environment. Unless you live in a bubble, your body probably houses within it several different toxins. Think about the cumulative effect of all the toxins that may be in your body. Aches and pains in your joints, your back, that spare tire around your middle all indicate the possibility of accumulated toxins. Flushing them out you improve your wellness.
Toxins come in many forms. Aside from the obvious physical forms, they come in thought form, too. Using natural techniques to flush out toxic thinking, you can condition your mind/body connection to help you live at a lower stress level. Choosing to have a job that is in a low stress occupation, you relieve mental stress. Each action starts with a thought. So, to achieve wellness, change your thoughts to empowering, encouraging ones. You'll see how much less stress you really experience by doing this.
Relationship stress can really take a negative toll on you, too. People who feel fulfilled in their relationships naturally experience less stress. To enjoy the most meaningful relationships, compromise, forgiveness and flexibility all help reduce stress. Know those couples who are happily married for 20, 30, 40 years or more? They know how to live a low stress life. If you've been married for a long time, look at how you've managed your disagreements with your spouse. A happy, low stress life is no accident. Keep up the good work.

Stress Relief - 6 Steps To Reduce Stress and Improve Well-Being

Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
You are faced with finding ways to reducing stress between you and your spouse during these challenging economic times. You have been at each other's throats, panicking about where to find work and keep the bills paid. Reducing your stress will help keep you well. What can you do to feel stress relief? Imagine what you CAN do and stay focused on that following these simple tips.
1- Write a list of ideas about which the two of you disagree. These concepts can be anything at all, but the most pressing ones may be financially based. Whatever seems to feel most threatening, write it on a list.
2- Write the reasons you are disagreeing about each individual challenge on the list. Clearly understand what is a conflict for each of you. The clearer you understand the conflict details, the more effectively you can resolve the conflict and reduce stress.
3- Before you get into another argument, commit to remembering that you love one another. Go back in time when both of you were first gaga over each other. With that euphoric love feeling about each other, forgive, compromise and find a solution that works for both of you.
4- When you clearly write out solutions and remember you love each other, see how much easier conflict resolution is between the two of you. Remember, the two of you got together for a reason. Get back to feeling those love feelings toward each other from yesteryear and find a way to get through these current challenges.
5- Give yourself credit for improving the situation, even a little bit. Disclaiming your efforts or your spouse's efforts at improving the situation may result in another disagreement. Stick together to the end. Families that made it through The Great Depression did so by remembering to love one another and find ways to just deal with the challenges.
6- At the end of the day, look at all you have accomplished. It is easy for anyone to complain. But, when you consciously LOOK for the good and feel grateful for what you've got, stress reduction is easier. Commit to feeling good about you and what you are doing. This helps everyone feel good. By choosing to think and say uplifting, encouraging remarks, you gratify your efforts from within. Most people feel happy rather than regretful by saying kind words. Intentionally being kind and generous, you'll actually reduce your stress. You'll feel less tense. Less tension on the physical body equates to feeling good with less stress.

Stress Relief - 2 Outstanding Tips to Easily Reduce Stress and Feel Great

Expert Author Beverly Keyes Taylor
Do you know that you have a hormone that helps you reduce stress? And did you know that it takes different hormones for males and females to relieve stress? The hormone Testosterone reduces stress in a man while the hormone Oxytocin reduces stress in a woman. While each one feels good to the other gender, it will not reduce the stress hormone cortisol for the opposite gender. Knowing how to use these hormones to reduce your stress will make your life more relaxed and happier.
How a Man Can Increase Testosterone to Decrease Stress
Resting and sleeping help a man rebuild his testosterone. Achieving goals is another way also. One way to reduce stress is to set easily achievable goals. It is important that the goals are not so big that they seem insurmountable.
A great way to do this is for the man to set a goal of resting for 20 minutes, which is a good amount of time for his body to build testosterone. As working uses up testosterone, it is good to do this after work. Setting an alarm to ring at 20 minutes works well as a way to create completion for this goal. If his body is not replenished in that time, he may not be eating the best nutrition to make it. Protein is part of the nutrition that is needed, which is why men tend to crave more protein than women.
After resting, the man can create a checklist of easily achievable goals, then pick one to complete. If a goal seems too large or difficult, that will reduce testosterone. If the checklist is too long, that may overwhelm the man and also reduce testosterone. Crossing off the item once completed creates a feeling of success and satisfaction, which increases testosterone. So just resting and completing small goals can easily reduce stress in a man!
How a Woman Can Increase Oxytocin to Decrease Stress
Oxytocin is the hormone of love and bonding. It also reduces stress in a woman. Therefore, it is important for the woman to experience thoughts, feelings and actions that increase the feelings of love and bonding. When she comes home from testosterone depleting work, she often needs to replenish her testosterone too. Women have 10 to 40 times less testosterone than men, so there is less to replenish.
Resting is good for her, but it is better for her not to set an alarm if that works in her life. If she does not sleep, then what is good is for her to think thoughts that help her feel love or bonding. She can imagine being hugged or caressed by a loved one. She can imagine receiving anything loving, such as a wonderful flower or card. Receiving a nurturing massage is good, even if she just imagines it. Receiving especially increases oxytocin, while doing can increase testosterone.
After resting, it is best for a woman to do things without pressure, deadlines or goal setting, as this will increase stress in her body. The woman can play music that feels good to her. She can do what I call the "Wandering Butterfly" technique, where she gently moves from 'flower to flower', getting things done as she goes along. In this way, she gets things done which reduces her stress, while not increasing her stress by pressuring herself.

Будущее личной медицинской карты и интернета

Expert Author Catherine Collins
Каждый год тысячи людей во всем мире страдают из-за медицинских ошибок. Качество и эффективность системы здравоохранения являются важными шагами в улучшении экономического здоровья любой страны. Улучшение доступа к медицинским записям пациентов является главным шагом, который необходимо предпринять для улучшения медицинского обслуживания.

Технологии всегда играли важную роль в отношениях между пациентом и врачом. Предыдущие инновации в области коммуникаций, такие как телефон и пейджер, значительно изменили способ взаимодействия между врачами и пациентами, а также повысили легкость доступа к услугам медицинских работников. С развитием компьютерных технологий могут появиться новые средства взаимодействия и коммуникации.

Возросшая осведомленность потребителей об их потребностях в области здравоохранения привела в последние несколько лет к необходимости иметь оптимальную, легкодоступную медицинскую карту. Это привело к резкому росту активности вокруг скорейшего внедрения электронных персональных медицинских карт среди врачей и потребителей. Но внедрение цифровых персональных медицинских карт происходит гораздо медленнее, чем ожидалось.

Будущее медицины будет заключаться в большей степени в профилактической помощи, с индивидуально-ориентированной моделью.При этом здоровые люди будут иметь больший контроль над своим здоровьем,а также способом доставки.Начало будет положено оптимизации медицинской информации через образование.Далее следует личная медицинская карта.Затем, передавая соответствующую информацию врачам.

С научным исследованием, опубликованным в 2006 году в British Medical Journal, показывающим, что поисковые запросы потребителей с использованием Google в качестве поисковой системы выявили правильный диагноз у 15 (58%, 95% доверительный интервал от 38% до 77%) это только вопрос времени, прежде чем Google или Microsoft вступят на арену здравоохранения, чтобы бороться за превосходство.Но, хотя здравоохранение и является универсальной проблемой, все же предоставление медицинской информации не совсем просто.

В текущих новостях на Health care world Google и Microsoft стремятся войти в мир личных медицинских записей world.С медицинской помощью технология выставляется как следующая большая революция в ней industry.It совершенно очевидно, что следующая волна превосходства будет состоять в том, чтобы быть лидером в области медицинской информации.


Данная статья носит исключительно ИНФОРМАЦИОННЫЙ характер и никоим образом не является заменой медицинской консультации с квалифицированным специалистом. Автор призывает интернет-пользователей быть осторожными при использовании медицинской информации. Если вы не уверены в своем состоянии здоровья, обратитесь к врачу.